Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Imac 27 and Windows 7: the wireless keyboard and mouse finally work

I'm really enjoying using my new IMac 27. It works wonderfully with Windows 7. I also use Revit, and the screen size is perfect allowing two views of the model on the screen at the same time. The screen width is the equivalent of two 19" monitors, so the model views are a good size for working.

I've had big trouble though trying to get the wireless mouse and keyboard to work. Last night there was an update to Bootcamp for the bluetooth driver. I installed this, then tried to get the wireless keyboard and mouse to work. Still no luck. I installed the bluetooth driver in the device manager, and still no luck. When I was putting the keyboard away in the box, I noticed that it was working!

I took the mouse out of the box, and that was working too. the mouse however did not understand it was the new mighty mouse, so did not have a "wheel" area. How strange, with no bluetooth drivers installed on the system, the bluetooth keyboard and mouse work.

The mouse with no wheel was not much use, and the keyboard did not know it was an apple keyboard, so none of the special function keys worked.

I decided to put in the mac operating system dvd and repair the bootcamp install to reinstall missing bluetooth drivers. I've tried this before, and the keyboard and mouse worked for less than a minute and fell off the system, never to be found again. However, this time the repair reinstalled the bluetooth drivers and the mouse and keyboard work fine. They still work even after rebooting the system several times to make sure, they even work after the system is sleeping. Go figure?

I'm happy now that the entire system as supplied is now working flawlessly.

Revit on an IMac 27? Yep! go for it and enjoy the experience.

Interestingly Windows 7 rates the "experience" giving an experience number. I have the Core i7 quad running at 2.8GHz with 8MB of ram. Windows rates the graphics card and processor at 7.5. The hard disc rates at only 5.9 meaning the whole system is rated at 5.9. It seems that finally the processor and graphics cards are no longer the bottleneck in overall computer speed, but now it's the hard disc that is slowing down the system. I believe the new solid state dives will be the next big thing in fast computer systems.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have an architectural background, moving from a A0 drawing board to R11 AutoCAD then dabbling in microstation and even ArchiCAD.
I am a firm user (or have been) of Revit software since 2004 but it has always been on PC and most recently XP OS.
I have recently bought an imac and as a single user am wondering about loading Revit software and the subsequent usability.
I must admit from this point that I am no programmer but a 'point and shoot' operator who doesn't care why things are or are not working; just as long as the former remains the case.
I notice that you loaded Revit in June and was wondering if there is a footnote to your blog; either positive or negative.
I'd appreciate hearing further on how it is all going...

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great article. Appreciate your discussing

3:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really simple to comprehend info. Thank you!

4:08 PM  
Anonymous kevin bradley said...

Hey Phil - I am quite late to this thread, but am operating REVIT on IMac with a logitech M705 blue tooth mouse. I have never been able to get this mise to function properly in REVIT.

I was wondering if you could let me know what mouse you use as I am ready to ditch this cumbersome one....

Good website by the way. Very informative with a good feel.



10:49 AM  

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