Wednesday, June 16, 2010

IMac 27 and Windows 7

I upgrade my computers every couple of years or so. It generally takes me about a week to transfer information, load programs and getting the new computer to run as I want it to. Not to mention sorting out the thick bundle of cables that run under my desk to connect everything together. I don't enjoy this process at all.

My beautiful wife (a mac user) upgraded her computer a year or so ago. It was an IMac. It had one cable going under the desk. That was the power cable, and nothing else. She plugged her old mac into the new mac with a USB transfer cable, came back about 2 hours later, and her new mac was setup and ready to use with her software and personalisation settings already set up. WOW.

My computer was due for an upgrade, so I thought the IMac experience was so clean, that I would get one too. The new Macs can run Windows. There is a lot of information available on running Windows 7 under bootcamp.

I bought the IMac 27 with wireless keyboard and mouse. Yep, there is just one cable running under my desk now, and no other cables needed. In the Mac environment it is a beauftiful machine.

Windows 7 loaded cleanly under BootCamp, and my IMac 27 now thinks it is a Windows PC. The screen is astounding. A very beautiful machine to use.

The only problem has been the wireless keyboard and mouse. They do not work under Windows 7. Windows 7 recognises them for about 5 minutes, then stops talking to them. There is plenty of advice available on how to deregister them from the Mac operating system and re-register them under Windows. Tried them all. Still does not work. So I now have an old windows keyboard and mouse connected to the IMac.

The other problem is that when the computer sleeps and is woken up, it no longer finds the wireless internet connection. We have a wireless router in our office, and the IMac will connect easily to it when being booted. But when waking from sleep (a standard power saving feature in Windows 7), it can no longer find any network connections. It needs to be rebooted to reconnect to the internet.

My wife's IMac also does this under the Mac OS. If the computer sleeps, when woken you need to manually reconnect to a network. At least under the Mac OS it can find the wireless network. Under Windows 7 it doesn't connect to anything.

So, the IMac 27 for Windows 7 is a beautiful machine to use. The screen is enormous and has wonderful resolution. Forget the wireless keyboard and mouse. Don't let the computer go to sleep mode or you may well lose your internet connection. I secretly wish that Revit was written for the Mac Operating System. I would have no hesitation in dropping Windows forever and working in an all-mac environment (Oh the Heresy!)


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